The FRSTPLACE Home HIIT guide is designed to help you reach your goals through quick and effective 30-minute HIIT workouts that you can do anywhere! When it comes to my mind, body, and spirit, I believe in putting in 110% every day, so we wanted to create a guide where you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your workouts. The increased intensity of this guide does exactly that! Home HIIT will help you build muscle strength and definition with minimal equipment. As well as this, the guide includes supersets and cardio bursts to boost intensity & burn more energy. The efficiency of this training program is perfect for me when life gets a little crazy, so with this guide, there’s no excuse for not putting yourself first!

  • Home Guide
  • Hiit Style Training
  • 9 weeks
  • 4 sessions per week
  • Training Split: Upper Body, Lower Body, Full bo/dy and Abs